Hello Kinja car community, I hope you’re all doing well and making sure your lives are constantly injected with car related events, objects, and adventures.

I’m writing this blog post to get a pulse of what you guys would like to see more of from me on here. I know that ever since I’ve started my own domain, all I do here is post previews of my reviews with links to my website.

That last link was an intended pun.

In all fairness, I feel I’m not being really kind to this otherwise kickass car community that got me started in the first place. You guys deserve more. You deserve the best carporn the web has to offer. Allow me to be your Ron Jeremy.


So I’m reaching out. What do you guys want to see more of? I mean, I now have access to press cars, a kickass photographer and a racetrack, so the possibilities are rather limitless. I was thinking about behind the scenes content from our photoshoots.

Or things you didn’t know about a particular car, like the overly complex intake system on a Porsche Macan.

Or simple rants about how I feel about the auto industry in general. Actually, I kind of miss ranting about how fuckin’ overweight Mini Coopers have become.


Or that Honda should bring back the CRX. The best Honda of all time.

So yeah, please tell me what you want. Go nuts in the comments. If you like the way things are right now, than great! Let’s have some fun here. And please, no censorship. I want the crude, harsh, honest to goodness, curse-infested truth.


Come at me bros.

- Clavey