Hooray, a car! Finally, I’m not behind the wheel of another god-awful crossover. When Subaru Canada cancelled my reservation to drive a manual Crosstrek and replaced it with a CVT Legacy, I frowned.

I frowned because these days, I’m on a mission to rebel against anything called crossover fitted with the dreaded three letter transmission acronym - CVT. I’m making this a personal vendetta to promote self-shifting cars that are actually enjoyable to look at and drive. I’m not sure if the industry will take notice to the dude with a car blog, but it’s worth a shot since driving as we once knew it is taking a solid hit these days. We must fight back.

Anyway, to my surprise, the 2017 Subaru Legacy turned out to be one hell of a revelation to drive, even with the gearless transmission. It’s a car that surprises you, I mean, what other midsize sedan allows you to pull a big fat snow drift without having its electronic babysitters come in to interfere? Also, we get a manual Legacy in Canada. Take that America.

But the Legacy really is a driver’s car you don’t see coming, one that looks like your average everyman sedan. As a car enthusiast, I find that very appealing. Go check out my full review of the damn thing.


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